Corporate Information

The founder, Mrs. Aarti Pal & the Team, in the year 2003, made a judicious attempt with making improvements to & integrating the elements of HR Services. Ashita Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Ashita) strategically translates business strategies into HR priorities. We in any business setting, whether corporate, functional, business unit or product line try to develop a strategy either explicitly in the formal process or document or implicitly through a shared agenda on priorities.

Further, in this Knowledge Economy, Ashita is an endeavor to be an integral part of the organization by contributing ideas & providing services in executing Strategy as a Strategic Partner to achieve profitability and all-round success.

The role of Ashita is to

  • Identify skills, provide training & structures needed to develop & deploy competencies.
  • Improvise client’s performance, by introducing or marketing “best practice” & services.
  • Provide periodic feedback regarding performance related to Organizational Goals.
  • Assist clients by strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs & practices into their daily operations.

Ashita as strategic partners, are able to identify the HR practices that make the strategy happen. Thereby, translating business strategies into HR practices by trying to.

  1. Reduce the cycle time from the conception to the execution of a strategy for the business to adapt to change
  2. Formulate the customer service strategies by translating into specific policies and practices, so that the business can better meet customer demands.
  3. To effectively execute strategy, for business to achieve financial performance.
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